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The last year of Mastermoves

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22-03-2018 00:04:27
Will the 2018 championships of the year be allowed to play out?

Will you stop the championships of the day/week/month/etc for 2019?
22-03-2018 07:40:58
Everything will be kept running as is. I only want to keep my right to pull the plug any time in 2019. Maybe I'll keep the site running in 2019 without maintenance, and I will play a lot less myself. I just don't know for sure yet.

I just wanted to make sure that nobody is going to pay for Master or Grandmaster for another year when the site might not run that long anymore.
27-03-2018 12:30:07
You've had a great run with this site and I'm glad you dragged me here in the early days as I have had great fun playing here for years!

Thanks for all that you have done!
31-03-2018 00:17:37
Would converting this site to https be a helpful step? How about closing/reducing some areas?

Brainking.com is in the same boat pretty much and is now https friendly.

You're all welcome to visit chessconquest.com when the mood strikes
31-03-2018 16:21:18
http/https is the protocol and might make the site a little more safe but has nothing to do with me having to do some maintenance every now and then. Besides that, the last couple of years I haven't been able to add new games or make the site more attractive in any other way so we have been noticing dwindling numbers of players and games. So the choices are to keep the site alive until everyone has stopped playing or to shut it down. I have chosen the latter, also because the motivation to maintain the site (and also to play here) is close to zero for me.
31-03-2018 23:36:52

What a pity... This site should be working forever... but I can understand your point of view. It requires time to have the work done to ensure the site is ok.
Could it be a matter of "promotion", in order to get more people aware of the existence of this amazong site?
02-04-2018 15:41:43
@pensando: it seems to me that the only way to keep the site alive is finding someone that has time etc to do the work and that only if Ronald and Cwali find this person or persons suitable enough to hand their work over to...
09-04-2018 15:10:28
yes, I guess it takes a person that wants to put some time and effort into this site,
and then hoping Ronald can set his "baby" free

10-04-2018 22:11:50
@Ronald Mastermoves has been the best Streetsoccer site ever and the only one I'm still playing. I thank you very much for all the effort you put in so far!
05-06-2018 18:30:36
This makes me very sad, I love the games here. I do appreciate all the work you've done and have had a great time playing
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